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If creating a dish that seduces the taste buds is a fine art, imagine what photographing food to make it feel like such a dish would be. Actually, why imagine when you can come straight to us at www.foodphotography.in?

The last 15 odd years have seen us grown not only as experts in the field, but also in our portfolio of types of food and techniques thereof.

Our clientele spans advertising, packaging, editorial, publishing and websites, while our subjects come from kitchens and recipes across the world.

Here, you’ll find everything from your professional food photographer and stylist, to complete production support like prop hire, sets, and even a fully equipped kitchen and food studio. We’ll cook up your brief to perfection; with images created on brand, on budget, and on time.

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“Being a foodie by nature, my first assignment for Elle was to assist the styling for a food-on-the-run type of story. I vividly remember interrupting a shoot and moving things around to the utmost shock of the photographer, Jignesh Jhaveri! His expression was like “who’s this babe?” But, actually this sparked off a fantastic rapport and we’ve working together doing gourmet shoots for over 9 years now. Jignesh knows the art of turning the dullest and most boring looking dishes into mouthwatering favourites. His technical expertise mixed with his super fast speed really shows in the end results.
Pramiti Madhavji, Editor in Chief, Elle Decor